How Big Should Your Headline Be?

by Scott Bywater - Date: 2009-09-08 - Word Count: 262 Share This!

I've recently seen this demonstrated in a split test I put together on the entry page of my web site.

The highest conversion is 17.92% while the lowest conversion is 10.36% when converting visitors to subscribers. That's huge - almost a 73% increase in result.

The main difference between the 2 versions is the headline.

So whatever you do, don't scrimp on the size of your headlines.

It's an ad for your ad. And it needs to be Big.

Just take a look through the editorial of any of the major newspapers or magazines, and you'll get my point.

In fact, if you really want to understand this concept then pick up a newspaper and look through it to see what captures your eye.

You'll notice that it's the big headlines which appeal to you.

And they're much bigger than the body copy.

I've seen people try and cut the cost of their ads by using a smaller headline. And that's a big mistake.

You need to make sure your headline takes up 20 - 25% of the space of the ad.

After all, wouldn't you rather pay the extra money to have an ad people will actually read? (by the way if you want over 100 samples of killer advertising headlines, you can find them in my Cashflow Advertising manual. Find out more by visiting: )

It's also important that you model what people are used to. So don't run your headline on an angle. Don't try and be clever.

Run the ad the way people read - in a straight line, from top left to bottom right.

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