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If you are too lazy or careless to do these things, you deserve to be unemployed... seriously.
Before showing up to a job interview, make sure you study the company so you are able to impress the owner or manager of your obvious interest in the company. You can also find jobs through online employment agency or recruitment office near your home that will actually get in touch with you when a business is hiring. Two sites are and where you can search for jobs by location, work type, and classification or just browse job ads at your leisure. Remember if you want to sign with an agency who does not offer online searching, then you may have to study for a math test, spelling test, a typing test, and even a personality test because many 'exclusive' agencies will give you a test before they accept you on their agency books. In addition, make sure you have work experience or 'stretch a point' as much as possible in your resume. But, not so much that you are found out. Agencies like people with a lot of work experience and people who have many different skills. Try to find out as much as you can about the agency, so that when you show up, you will know what they want from you.
It is essential to find a job you like and sincerely want to do. Finding work you enjoy should be at the top of your list. Even if you make a few dollars less, you will save yourself a lot of pressure that may lead to other problems and anxiety in your job.
Do a lot of research and enhance your work skills. Take evening courses if you must. Learn all the peculiarities of the company for whom you are working. Find out the names of the Directors right down to the person who does the office cleaning. You must be a sincere and good person who gets along with co-workers, supervisors and anyone else who is working within the company. More than anything, be yourself, and don't try to fool anyone into believing you are something that you are not.

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