5 Reasons That a Restaurant Should Use a Restaurant Recruiter

by Craig Lawson - Date: 2010-11-12 - Word Count: 494 Share This!

Have you ever noticed how many restaurants pop-up over time but then disappear just as quickly? Running a restaurant is demanding and time-consuming especially in the first year. You have to decorate the restaurant, write the menu, hire the staff and then do the ongoing paperwork that goes with owning a business, not to mention the social aspect of having a business. Some owners find that they just do not have the time to do it all and get out of the business. Others hire restaurant recruiting firms to help take the load off their shoulders so they can keep their sanity. Here are five reasons that you should let restaurant management recruiters help you:

1. They will help you to hire a better quality of applicant. Restaurant recruiting firms learn what type of person works best in your restaurant and then actively searches for them. Once they have found a good applicant they will act as their coach to help them through the hiring process. That ensures that you will get a qualified employee that knows the rules and operations of your business and is eager to get started. It is hard to go wrong with employees like that. It is less stress to have some else go through that process for you.

2. There are no open positions. Nothing can hurt the operation of a restaurant as drastically as being short handed. It can even hurt the restaurants reputation because of longer wait times and poor food quality. When you are working with restaurant management recruiters, you no longer have to worry about open positions. The restaurant recruiting firm stays abreast of resignations and people that have quit suddenly and are constantly working to have them replaced before it develops into a problem. After all, this is what they do!

3. They give you more time to run the business. Any business owner will tell you that one of the biggest time sinks is staffing the restaurant. Once you have a restaurant recruiting firm take charge of that for you, you can concentrate on the other facets of the business. There are so many different thing to track, that it is very easy to lose focus.

4. Scheduling - Dealing with interviews and applications is always time consuming but scheduling them can be a nightmare. Somehow you need to find the free time to meet with multiple applicants but do it at a time that is good for them. Restaurant Recruiting agencies can handle all of the scheduling for you and minimize your involvement so that you only have to be available for a small window of time. Give the firm your criteria and like magic, it is done.

5. Guarantee - Many restaurant management recruiters will offer a guarantee of successful placement. That means that they will base their pay on the satisfaction of their client. These guarantees will cover employees placed by the agency that leave voluntarily or are terminated with cause during a given time period

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