Buying a Used Rv? Don't Forget a Few Basic Points

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A used RV not only saves money but also offers better features with a variety of choices at a far more affordable price than a new one. The idea of getting such an RV drives many into buying it on an impulse that might eventually turn out to be the cause of regret in the near future. So while buying a used RV you need to be careful about the factors that determine the usability of a used RV. Thus proper investigation and research are the pre-requisites for buying a good used RV.

The value of a used RV is ascertained after taking into account the years in operation, overall condition and the possible depreciation. The amount of depreciation depends on the years in operation. While buying a used RV, you should gain access to proper and relevant information regarding all these. Apart from this, you should also consider the resale value of a used RV. A year later you may feel the need to have an even better RV for which you would like to sell off the existing one. So it is always better to buy a used RV that is not more than a year old. This will fetch you a much better resale price.

Buying a used RV with hidden mechanical problems proves out to be a liability. It not only mars your vacation but also considerably reduces its resale value. So, before buying a pre-owned RV, make sure you have enough technical knowledge to investigate on the existing mechanical problems. If you don't have enough expertise then hire somebody to do this.

Used RVs are either sold by a private party or a dealer. Usually the dealers provide some kind of a guarantee on the RV being sold. Thus certain problems surfacing after a purchase can be reported back to the dealer. The private parties do not offer such guarantee, so you either have to shell out the repairing expenses from your own pocket or make a compromise with the adversities. Having said that, private parties often come up with very attractive deals. There are people who buy an RV out of a sudden desire and later find that they hardly have any time to use it, or are unable to adjust with the RV lifestyle. Such RVs, although used, are available in like-new condition, which with proper negotiation, can turn out into a good deal.

To enhance your knowledge on various aspects of RVs you can post your queries in various forums, newsgroups or bulletin boards to share opinions and experiences of other RVers. There are books and DVDs available in the market that can serve as useful inputs regarding the RV technicalities and lifestyle. You can also subscribe an RV magazine and attend RV shows around your area.

Last of all; do take a test ride before buying a used RV motorhome. If you are new to such a lifestyle, rent an RV for a weekend and spend some time in it to find out your requirements. Once you are sure of your requirements and have analyzed and investigated the pre-owned RV, it boils down to a fruitful negotiation to get the best deal.

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