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You should make your ex realize that he made a big mistake breaking up with you by serving him the same meal of heartbreak he served you. The best way to serve it back to him is not by getting physical with him but using my mind powerplay that will bring him back to his knees begging to come back into your arms where you have him at your mercy.won't that be great?.

First mind powerplay is by getting him to hear more about you through people close to him,i mean really good stuff. The closest people to him might be his family members,buddies and workmate hope you are getting the gist.make sure you stay pretty close,on good terms and be pleasant with those set of people i earlier listed.the power play here is the more those set of people talk about you and most importantly pleasant things,be rest assure sure you will always be on his mind and even those people can even tell him to his face to give you another shot.

The second mind powerplay is to maintain your confidence when your ex is around you. When your ex is around you,he normally expect your voice to be broken.make sure your tone sound indifferent and confidence.that to him will definitely mess with his mind and you have him where you want him.

Te last of my failureproof mind powerplay is to awake a bit of jealously in him.To do this, you will need to date someone new and not just someone new,someone that looks a lot better than him,someone richer with class. what that tells him is that he was even too low for you and probably was even stopping your shine and by him thinking that, you become more valuable and attractive to him,you will raise some sort of curiosity in him that the only way to overcome is to come back into your arms.he will definitely want you back

Let me give you one extra technique just for taking your time to read this articles.the last one is to get classy,stylish. this technique works wonders on him especially if hes the sort of guy that loves good,stylish and classy things but who the heck doesn't like those things. before you know it,he will be back telling you he made a mistake breaking up with you and he has realize his mistake and he wants you back.isn't that what you want?

Hope information provided as being of great help and as put you on the road to getting your ex back.for more information to get your ex back CLICK HERE!!!

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