Guidelines for making money Guaranteed

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How bad you want to MAKE MONEY online?
To make money or to quit internet business for good.
This is the question.
If you wnt to make money online you should focus on three guidelines:
1- Sell
2- Build your list.
3- Sell again.
All marketing strategies focus on these 3 guidelines.
You only make money when you start selling,building your list from selling the products then again sell for the list you made when you fist sell your product because you had a good customers who trusted you and liked your products.
Building MAILING LIST is the first priority of big marketers.
Big marketers advice you when you want to make money to start your own newsletter,run a free or paid membership,create your own product with resell rights...etc..
But all of that should collect leads for your mailing list mailing list so you can promote and sell your other products to your list next times.
The purpose of making your mailing list is to make money and not to send free content and free stuff because some of your mailing list subscribers would unsubscribe sooner or later.
Focus on quality subscribers who are interested in you and in your products and who are eager to receive your next e mail and eager to be your customer.
It is not bad to send some free gifts and some free content from time to time ,but your main focus should be on making money from every mail you send to your mailing list.
Send e mails to your list in a planned frequency.
1 to 2 times a week or 1 to 2 times a month is recomended.
The mailing times depends on your niche .
When you start making money from your mailing list,you crack the wealth code.
Be a modeler
This is an effective formula to succeed online.
You have to identify a siccessful internet marketr and follow him or her and do what they do exactly and copy their ideas and thoughts guess their thinking so that you can duplicate their success system for your own!
That way you eliminate plenty of guess work and you make less mistakes because someone else has already done the work for you.
You should spend a lot of time learning about INTERNET MARKETING because thatthe key that will open the door to your success.
Be an active marketer,start to take actions,concentrate on one point at a time.
Now after reading so much your mind will come comes up with creative ideas,dont dream of making those ideas real.Just start to apply.
Reading is good because it saves you time,effort and a lot of money.

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