Inspirational Artworks Of The Persian Rugs

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While dealing with the issues of Persian rugs the history tends to span back to the Bronze Age - some 3500 to 2000 BC. Some of the rug experts and the researchers of this subject believe that the root of the Persian rugs is the Safavid dynasty that used to exist during the 16th and the 17th century. With the rich Persian culture and art the Persian rugs have developed gradually to a extent and is now among the world's top ranking categories of rugs.

While almost all the original rugs of the reign of the Safavid dynasty has destroyed, yet some of the worn out pieces have been saved and are restored at the carpet museum of Tehran. People from far and wide come to this museum in order to view the magnificent artworks of the craftsmen of those periods. The unswerving artworks of the artists and the rugs makers of the Safavid dynasty are perhaps the best-treasured wealth of the world.

Persian rugs of the prevailing era is much different form those but it is beyond all doubts that today's Persian rugs are also highly demanding because of the mind-blowing art. The Persian rugs tend to be the most effective and pivotal components that delineate the central theme of the Persian art and culture.

Properties of the Persian Rugs

During these days the Persian rugs have changed to a great extent. With the unique synchronization of the traditional Persian art and the modern trend of decoration the Persian rugs has revolutionized the modern mode of decorating the interiors of the modern homes and offices. Although the awe-inspiring touch of the royal classical beauty is still found in today's Persia rugs. This is where the Persian rugs are remarkably distinctive from the other categories of rugs.

Secondly vital property of the Persian rugs is that the art of the Persian rugs are originally based on the art related to the Islamic culture - especially the Shiah Isalm. This tends to be the major reason behind the fact that the beauty of the Persian rugs involves the aesthetic fervor of classical Islamic style. The modern Persian rugs tend to represent the aesthetic blend of the awe-inspiring artworks and the traditional Persian culture.

Thirdly, the quality range of Persian rugs is crafted out of high grade wool or cotton or high quality silk, although the silk Persian rugs are not as hardy as the woolen and the cotton rugs. The silk Persian rugs are enjoying high demand in the global market but the woolen and the cotton Persian rugs have acquired a demand level further high.

Categories of the Persian rugs

As far as the categories are concerned the Persian rugs are of various types, which have been named on the basis of the places they are made. The varied categories of the Persian rugs are however, Abadeh rug, Ahar rugs, Arakh rugs, Aradabil carpets, Afshar, Gabbeh, Heriz carpets, Isfahan, Jozan, Nain rugs, Qom rugs, Sarouk rugs, Shiraz rugs, Tabriz rug, Kashan rugs and etc.

Each of these categories has got their own specific notes of designs and art, which are unique and are very much different from each other. Purchasers of the Persian carpets must look as to which specific type or category would match the preset tune of decoration of the interiors of their home prior to purchase.

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