How to Make Your Writing Unforgettable

by Jane Sumerset - Date: 2010-07-05 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

There are successful writings that are very popular to most people and there are some that don't even stick to your reader's mind.

Even if you had write it better, as you really think it is, it is also hard to make it worth reading and make your writing worth remembering.

Even if a writer doesn't really care if his writing can be remembered easily but when if you are going to write, making it unforgettable to your readers can be a part of that purpose that you aimed for.

If you are going to write, you should also intend to make your writing not only an effective one but to make it a click to every people who is going to read it.

Basically, when writing an interesting piece, this gives your readers a thrilling or curious feeling on what your writing is all about and how they will learn out of it.

If they like your writing, feel satisfied and learned out of your lessons on it, then they most likely remember your ideas in writing wherever they will go.

Therefore, you need to have fresher ideas and a writing plan to make your piece worth reading and remembering.

Memorable writing means your words create images in your readers' minds that stick. Not only is the writing clear, it discusses the subject in a manner that riles up their emotions enough that they simply can't forget it even if they wanted to.

Some memorable pieces are funny; others are compelling; some are hilarious; and others are inspiring. There's no single emotion that memorable writing brings. Whatever it makes you feel, though, it's strong enough to leave a mark.

Imagine your ideal reader when you write. Writing for a mass of people makes the process somewhat impersonal. Doing a piece with one particular reader in mind, however, usually leads to fostering a connection with that imagined individual. The best way to get someone in a particular state of "feeling" is to write while in that same state yourself.

Connect to your readers with details. Throw in lots of specifics, especially situations and things that your readers can relate to. While it's impossible to reach across to readers all of the time, specifics should at least trigger a memory some of the time. Generalities rarely do that.

Don't be afraid to cross the line. Some writers consciously (or unconsciously) hold themselves back with fear of pushing for an emotional reaction too far. If your previous work has proven less successful on being memorable, you're probably not even coming close to the brink. Push a little more.

Be easy to read. No matter how much work you put into tugging at your readers' hearts, you're not going to get the desired effect if your writing is filled with mistakes at every turn. Work at making your text easy to digest by fixing any errors in grammar and structure, as well as ironing out any confusing parts. An English writing software can do a lot of work on this end.

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