Structuring a Short Essay: Five Paragraphs

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Although most writers aim for a longer piece with a lot of words that can be put together within a content, most likely essays, they are about to finish it well with all the efforts and times that they had put through just to finish a well written one. Besides, it depends upon the situation if you wanted to make it longer rather than making it short.

In most cases, a writer with a boss who is commanding them to write longer pieces would likely to do so just like those students who were assigned by their teachers to write contents which take several pages.

However, if you are on your own and would like to write shorter ones rather than forcing yourself to make it longer, you might be able to do it as well. Besides, writing short essays can make you gain a lot of readers rather them letting them read on to longer piece. There's bigger chance that there will be few readers who wanted to read it completely.

However, writing short essays is not that easy as you might think. This requires full attention in writing the relevant ideas about the topic and how are you going to make it shorter with all the necessary information that are being attached. Try to make your linger piece into a short essay. It is not as simple as you might think. A lot of people have been through with this case.

Having trouble putting together your essay? Try this simple structure that effectively outlines how your short essay, of whatever subject, may be presented.

This format breaks down the essay into five paragraphs, each one playing a specific role in the material. While it's not a hard and fast rule that you must adhere to (unlike having to use an English writing software, which we've been constantly making a point of), it's a workable outline that can help your writing if you're stuck with how to best present your ideas.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

The introduction, as the name implies, acquaints the reader with the topic. Apart from that though, it should give them a glimpse of what to expect from the body of your text, which you can do by clearly stating your specific assertion and point of view.

Make sure your introduction is written in an active tone, with strong verbs and powerful statements - it's your chance to hook the reader or lose their interest forever.

Paragraph 2,3,4: Body

In the body of the essay, focus on one main idea that supports your assertions in the Introduction. Dissect that main idea into three distinct parts (the main argument, supporting examples and a summary) and present each as one paragraph in your body.

For instance, if you made an assertion that the movie Transformers is bad in your introduction, you will use the body to present evidence why it is so.

Choose a main idea that explains why the movie is bad in the paragraph 2, support it with specific instances and events in paragraph 3 and close it with a summary of your statement in paragraph 4.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion
In the Conclusion, your summarize the main points, reassert your claim and end the essay with impact. This will be the last thing readers will get from your essay, so make sure it ties everything together succinctly as well as creates a lasting impression in their mind.

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