Prototyping knowledge: about an .STL file and how to save it?

by Eva Wang - Date: 2009-03-15 - Word Count: 117 Share This!

Following are guidelines for exporting from typical CAD modelers:

Most CAD systems, File Save as STL or File Export STL.

Pro-E - File, Export Model, type STL, format BINARY, Chord Height 0, Angle control 1, filename, OK.

Solid Works - File, Save As, STL, OPTION FINE.

AutoCAD - (3D Model ONLY) STLOUT, select objects, Y for binary format, filename.

SolidEdge - File Save as STL, options conversion tolerance to .0254mm (.001"), surface plane angle 45 Deg., select Binary, name and save.

CATIA - Select STL command, max seg to .0125mm, select model and Yes, select Export and filename.

To know it better, please see product design samples.


Title: Prototyping knowledge: about an .STL file and how to save it?

Author: Eva Wang

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