Set of My Likings Dated 16.10.08

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-17 - Word Count: 252 Share This!

Set of my likings dated 16.10.08 1. I like to win the race and I do not like defeats. 2. I like to live long and help my family till I am alive. 3. I like people who serve the people, but even public servants act like rulers and never think that they are elected by the people and they are public servants. 4. I like women who are well prepared. 5. I like children who have been prepared by the parents before they are allowed to come out for play with their friends. 6. I do not like people who visit my house at odd hours. 7. I do not like people who reach my house when I am taking my breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. 8. I want to help the people but the people who demand from me loan, I do not like such people. 9. I welcome people and stand before shaking hand with them and I do not like people who receive and answer to my salute without standing up. 10. I do not like people who do not give suitable answer to my letter. 11. I like when someone calls me by my name. 12. I do not like people who ignore me just because I am holding a subordinate position. 13. I know my friends because love between us had taken its birth at one and the same time in both the hearts. 14. I do not drink, but I do not hate people who drink even in my presence. 15. I like to meet my old friends. -------------------

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