Blame Vs. Responsibility

by Kimberly Markison - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

Who among us has never felt remorse or guilt for something we have done? And who among us has never been at the receiving end of a cruel or thoughtless act? Whether by accident or on purpose, we have all felt both guilt and hurt. In our western world, we have been taught to think in terms of blame and fault. With our heavy-handed legal system, blame and fault are at its heart. We even use the word "responsibility" as if it means "blame" or "fault." But it doesn't, in my book.

In my many years of practicing hypnotherapy, teaching and workshop leading, I have come across some individuals who are offended when I speak of responsibility. They protest by stating things like, "No one would choose to be hurt!" Or they defend victim mentality by saying, "It's not their fault they live in a dangerous neighborhood!" While these issues are serious, and worth exploring for anyone who finds themselves in those situations, they are more about the vibration of the individual than anything else.

So just what is my definition of responsibility? Responsibility is the manner in which you feel about yourself, others, the world, and any particular situation and the actions you take regarding them all. It's about you and you alone and your integrity in dealing with situations in the world. The way you feel about something is giving you a clue as to what vibration you are in. Everything in this world and universe is made up of vibration. There are higher vibrations, like laughter and happiness, and there are lower vibrations, like anger and jealousy. Ultimately, you are responsible for the vibration you are in at all times. There is truly no such thing as someone who can make you feel a certain way. Only you can allow yourself to feel that certain way. If you are happy and have a healthy mind set, if someone where to call you a name or lash out against you unjustly, you would know that the incident was not a reflection of you but of the person who lashed out. You would realize that you are not what they called you and you would ultimately remain happy.

Actions are also the responsibility of each individual and certainly reflect the vibration of the person creating the action. Someone who is happy and secure with himself will produce actions that are in alignment with that outlook. Someone who is unhappy and even angry with himself might take it out on the world with angry actions towards himself and/or others.

So what is blame? Blame is victim-hood. Blame is giving your free will and responsibility away to someone or something else. Our western laws are set up with this victim mentality, but that does not mean it's the truth. The truth is that we are responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions in the world and there is no room for blaming in that equation.

A wise soul once said to me, "The difference between a child and an adult is an adult can choose how he or she wants to feel." So what side of the coin are you on: blame or responsibility? The choice is all yours.

Kim for Hypno-Freedom

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