All The Proof I Needed

by Mary Potter - Date: 2007-04-16 - Word Count: 489 Share This!

I had the feeling that something was not quite right between my husband James and I. We had been together for nearly nine years and something had shifted in our relationship. It started as a niggly feeling then grew. He spent more time out of the house than in it and when he was there he would be busy reading the newspaper. Or watching the television. Or listening to the radio. I might as well not have been there. He seemed to have grown tired of me. They do say a woman 'knows' intuitively when something is wrong and this was more than a hunch, I was almost certain. I thought he was having an affair and even asked him outright but he laughed and told me not to be ridiculous. If he was seeing someone else, he was being very careful about it. I checked his pockets, I checked his collars for lipstick and I checked his phone for messages. I found nothing. I needed definite proof and there was only one way I could get it. I installed spy phone software on James's phone and waited for the inevitable. Sometimes it is better to know. I didn't feel guilty about doing this and if I was right, surely he had more to feel guilty about anyway.

The software was quick and easy to install and James would have no idea that I was listening in, so if my hunch had been wrong he would never even know that I had checked. But in my heart of hearts I knew I was right. With the software, you can dial the target phone from anywhere and listen to what is going on without anyone knowing what you were doing. I had to dial a few times before I got any more than background noise but when I dialed in at 7.30pm, I heard the conversation I had dreaded. James was telling some woman how much he loved her and she was telling him the same. I didn't recognize her voice but she sounded young. Part of me didn't want to believe what I had heard but at last I had my proof.

I packed James's bags before he even got home and threw them at him with a strength I did not know I possessed. He didn't even ask how I knew and seemed to be grateful that I was giving him a way out. I wonder if he ever would have been man enough to tell me about his affair. I wondered whether she was his first affair. But it doesn't matter now.

Since then I have been living here happily by myself and you know what? I don't miss the man at all. Had it not been for that spy phone I could still be with the lying, cheating scumbag. Now it's just me and my cat and I am happier than I have been in a very long time.

Mary Potter is an Agony Aunt for a small regional womens magazine. For information about this software or other like it please try one of these links or http://www.globalspystore.comn
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