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by Janice Jenkins - Date: 2008-10-28 - Word Count: 493 Share This!

Ever kicked back with a good catalog before, leaned back in your seat, and started to read? You start glancing through the difference descriptions and you start noticing a trend among them. Over and over again you see it, not the exact same thing, but the same idea behind it.

What I am referring to are the companies that try to boost up a product in the description to an odd level. They use all sorts of different buzz words or very detailed, almost misleading descriptions about the products in order to make them seem more important and more meaningful than they really are.

I recall a series of commercials from the company M&Ms a while ago where it had a number of different people in blue collar positions giving some overly fancy name for what it is that they do. It showed someone dressed up as a clown saying they were an entertainment coordinator, and it ended with the M&M character saying he was not a plain M&M, he was a Milk Chocolate one.

What should you take away from this when you decide to print catalogs?

When it comes to the description of a product you need to look at things through the eyes of your customers, and figure out what it is that they are looking for from these different products. When a description gets so vague, and a company attempts to make something simple sound so complicated, it only hurts their chances for a sale.

I think maybe the idea behind this is that if the product sounds interesting enough people are going to be interested in buying it to see what it is all about. But here is the downside to this: if a person is not quite sure what exactly the product is then they certainly are not going to know how they can use it in everyday life.

This is the heart of a good product description. You are telling them how they can make use of this product in their life, and that reason is why they are going to end up buying it. If they do not even know what it is because you got too convoluted with your description, then how are they going to put it to good use?

If you keep your customers in mind when writing these things it is a lot easier to avoid these mistakes. Do not ask yourself how you can make the product sound really interesting, but ask how you can connect it with your customers so that they will want to make a purchase. Ask yourself what this product can be used for, and make sure you state that in simple terms.

Remember each time you print catalogs that you are sending out those catalogs to your customers, and for your customers. Do not give them something they cannot even understand. You certainly will not make very many sales with an approach like that.

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