Try A Common Sense Weight Loss Plan For Long Term Success

by Douglas Taylor - Date: 2007-03-26 - Word Count: 474 Share This!

There seems to be as many ways to lose weight as there are stars in the sky but more times than not the results are temporary at best. To have long-term weight loss success you need to have a plan that you can live with for the long haul. Eating right and staying away from the latest diet craze is a good start. Most people find keeping a diary of what goes into their mouth will usually help. Even though most people do not enjoy working out, adding exercise to your daily routine usually helps the pounds go away.

Eating right needs to be the very first thing you look at if you are trying to lose weight. Eating all of the high fat junk you find everywhere you look will do nothing but add pounds to your body. Try to use a common sense approach in your eating habits and this should help with your weight loss goals. Eating a diet low in fat and low in sugar makes a lot of sense. Although it may be tempting it is usually wise to stay away from the new diet you read about in the supermarket checkout line.

In general I always tend to stay away from fad diets. Although some of these diets may be fine I choose to go with the more traditional approach with my weight loss plans. I would always discuss any diet plan with my doctor and listen to his advice before starting any diet that I would not consider mainstream. If the diet plan seems to be too good to be true and does not encourage healthy eating I would check it out before starting. One thing that has helped me stay true to my eating goals is to keep a food diary.

Keeping a food diary will keep you honest with your weight loss goals. Knowing I have to put down on paper that I ate that candy bar will often stop me. On weeks where you have lost a pound or two you can refer back to your food diary and see exactly which foods you ate that week. Your food diary may be the difference between success and failure in your weight loss goals. When you get your eating under control you may find you need to add exercise to your weight loss program to fully succeed

Many people cannot seem to lose enough weight without exercise. Weight loss always comes down to calories in and calories out. Exercising each day burns calories, which will help you lose weight. Start slow with any new exercise program and see your doctor before you get started.

Try common sense methods to lose weight. The results may not be as fast as that brand new diet but if you get in the habit of thinking long term the end result should please you.

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