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Female infertility is one of the most common problems faced by women. In fact, it is much more common than statistics would have us believe. This is because the symptoms of female infertility are not clearly distinguishable or apparent. As such a very large number of cases of female infertility remains undiagnosed.

The condition can be perpetrated by a number of factors such as: 1.Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Caused by sexually transmitted diseases, pelvic tuberculosis, unhealthy abortions and other factors, it accounts for a large number of cases of infertility in women. 2.Endometriosis: This is the name that has been given to the condition where fragments of the endometrial lining, instead of being expelled from the uterus, are carried upward in the tubes, leading to severe disruptions to the menstrual cycle due to hormonal changes. 3.Hypothalamic-Pituitary Disorders: These can lead to irregularities in the ovulation and account for 33% of infertility in women. Excessive exercise, injuries to the pituitary gland, kidney failure, cirrhosis, and anorexia nervosa can cause the pituitary gland to malfunction. 4.Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: This is caused by an abnormal production of male hormone, especially testosterone, in women, causing irregular and infrequent cycles. 5.Surgical Problems: Ovarian bands used to bind tissues after surgery may restrict the normal movement of ovaries and fallopian tubes, leading to infertility. Frequent abortions have also been linked to female fertility.

Other causes of infertility in women may include cancer treatments, medications, inflammatory bowel disease and thyroid.

Thanks to modern medical science, infertility need not get in the way of becoming a parent. Modern day science has made plenty of progress in the field of assisted reproductive technology or ART, a major practice in infertility treatment. This technology combines the use of fertility drugs, hormonal therapy, with artificial insemination using any of a group of techniques. Egg donation is another popular method employed by many infertile women to become mothers.

If you have been trying long to conceive without result, you are advised to consult a doctor immediately to find out if you have infertility problems and adopt suitable treatment.

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