The Many Different Costa Rica National Parks

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When an appraisal last year asked the British open for their dreams for a resident motto, the responses were typically British in their irony and wit. Suggestions such as 'Unity in individuality', 'Smile! You're on CCTV' and 'Mustn't Grumble' were just some of the phrases that the municipal abounding as their expressions of twenty-first century Britain.

If citizen mottos are something to go by as a reflection of the country itself, Costa Rica's 'Pura Vida' promises a lot actually. Literally translated, 'Pura Vida' means 'Pure Life', and sure seems to convey very concisely exactly why Costa Rica has shot to fame in the tourism and Ecotourism industries in the earlier few days.

Home to twenty-six National Parks (and yet cover only a miniscule 0.1% of the world's utter landmass), Costa Rica has managed to safeguard almost a quarter of its state territory under government legislation - more than any other country in the world - making it a current destination for the increasing records of Ecotourists looking to become more 'one with kind'.

The National Parks themselves are not just frequent, but also cater for bags of different letters of holidaymaker, donation an ample scale of different actual attractions. Whether you craving to see a category of different creatures in their inherent habitats, like the turtle beaches, frog swamps and jaguar rainforests of Tortuguero National Park, or whether you want to snorkel around lovely coral and collapse shipwrecks at Cahuita; Costa Rica has it all. From the mountains of Irazu, leading which you can outlook both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean at once (it genuinely is viable!), to the Volcano at Arenal - one of the few seats in the world where you'll irritated your fingers and actually expect for a volcanic epidemic - the National Parks of Costa Rica agreement something for everybody.

As if the enormous array of accepted sights weren't enough, Costa Rica also offers a teeming metropolis as its assets San Jose, a city endemic with polish and saga. Directly in the average of Costa Rica, and, hence in easy aloofness of many of the great National Parks, San Jose is the centre of (soul!) activity in the country. The city offers some more conventional tourist attractions, such as the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, or National Theatre of Costa Rica, which has musical and dramatic performances throughout the week, as well as numerous museums, such as the Gold Museum, which showcases several gold artifacts from obsolete civilisations. For those who are overcome by the outlook of camping with jaguars at the foot of active volcanoes, there are also many hotels in San Jose offering a sound retreat from feline predators!

San Jose, then, offers not only the opening to review the chronicle of this country from man's perspective, but also serves as a great bottom for those who desire to 'go untreated' and witness first-hand the natural record of the best-preserved country on the planet.

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