Detox Can Help Curb Your Cravings

by Shannon Law - Date: 2008-07-15 - Word Count: 361 Share This!

It's no secret that eating junk food only makes you want more junk food. But this concept also applies to other "bad" habits such as coffee, alcohol, and nicotine, all of which are substances that easily foster addictive tendencies.

Detoxing works by cleansing your GI tract of toxic build-up that can settle into the walls of your colon. When this happens, over time your body stops assimilating nutrients properly as well as getting rid of old waste. Once your colon is cleansed of years of hardened waste, the rest of your organs can eliminate toxins and work more effectively because there is now a clear passageway for waste to be removed.

Often times, cravings are the result of your body not absorbing the nutrients from your food. For example, a person with a clean and healthy colon can eat a bowl of pasta and his or her body will assimilate the carbohydrates and break them down into sugars. The body will respond by feeling satiated, and will not crave sugar. If your colon is backed up with waste, the sugars from that same bowl of pasta will not be easily assimilated, and consequently, the person may have a sugar craving.

Another reason for cravings can be the presence of parasites. These creatures live in and literally feed off the toxic waste that is impacted in your colon. The bad news is that the more you feed a craving, the more you feed the parasites and the more your body wants the substance. The idea of detoxing to eliminate food cravings is not unlike an alcoholic who needs to detox entirely from alcohol before those cravings subside.

Not to say that cravings will not exist after a detox, but many people find that their cravings are greatly reduced. Completing a detox will give your body time to cleanse the toxic environment that is causing cravings in the first place. As your digestion and metabolism begin to normalize, your body responds by craving foods that are healthy for its survival, not its demise.

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