The Best Canadian River Rafting Companies

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In recent years, the popularity of adventure sports has greatly increased with more people partaking in many different exciting and challenging adventure activities. One adventure sport that is fast becoming a popular choice by those with a passion for fun and excitement is river rafting.

River rafting is a fun and challenging sport that does not require special experience. Anyone can river raft when they go with a professional river rafting company. River rafting involves traveling on a rubber boat down a river that is filled with challenging rapids and heart pumping steep bends. Depending on the river you travel, it can be a challenging course with rough waters, or it can be a somewhat easy course to navigate where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. The more challenging the river, the more you will feel the adrenaline pumping excitement.

One country that offers a number of exciting river rafting adventures is Canada. Not only is Canada a beautiful country with stunning scenery, it is also home to a number of exciting river rafting adventures. If you are looking for excitement and adventure on your next vacation, below you will find the best river rafting companies in Canada:

Nova Scotia: In Nova Scotia, you will find the exciting Shubenacadie River. The Tidal Bore Rafting is the river rafting company that will take you down the exciting and fun river where you will have a rip roaring fantastic experience. You will get to take on the exciting tidal waves located in the lower 30km part of the river.

British Columbia: The province of British Columbia offers fantastic river rafting experiences such as the Kicking Horse River, the Squamish and Elaho, and the Fraser River. British Columbia river rafting companies that offer thrilling river rafting adventures include: Alpine Rafting, Canadian Outback, Destiny River Adventures,
Great Excursions, The Kumsheen Rafting Resort, OARS Whitewater Rafting, and REO Rafting Resort.

Alberta: In Alberta, river rafting on The Red Deer, Kananaskis, and Elbow Rivers will definitely please those with an adventurous spirit. If you are also looking for other fun activities to do along with river rafting, the company Inside Out Experiences offers hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

Québec: The province of Quebec offers challenging and raucous rivers that will get your heart pumping. Esprit and Eau Vive (Rouge River) will make sure you have a wild and rough ride.

Ontario: The province of Ontario is a great place to go river rafting. The Ottawa River is very popular. The Esprit and RiverRun Rafting companies are superb river rafting companies that will make sure you have a fantastic time on the river.

River rafting is suitable for almost any age. It is challenging, exhilarating, and will make you feel like you are apart of the river as you bounce and splash over the rapids and bends. The next time you are considering an exciting adventure vacation, consider river rafting in Canada. Not only will you enjoy this exciting adventure sport, but you will definitely make a lifetime of great memories.

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