How to Find a Homebuilder Online

by Robert O'Shaughnessy - Date: 2006-12-09 - Word Count: 551 Share This!

There are many ways to find a homebuilder online. You can seek out specific websites, search using search engines like Google and Yahoo!, or go to directories of homebuilders. This article offers suggestions for using the internet to find a homebuilder.

The first step to finding a homebuilder online is to decide what kind of home you want. How many bedrooms do you need? How far can the home be from various urban centers? Do you need a garage? What kinds of amenities are you looking for? And last, but absolutely not least, what is your price range? Make a list of the various parameters around which you will undertake your search for a new home to buy.

After establishing the type of home you seek, you will next begin to make a list of companies that could potentially be a good match for your new home search parameters. So with a pen and paper in hand, the first thing to do is use Google and Yahoo! to search for a new home builder. It is recommended to enter your search for a new home builder followed by at least one unique parameter. For example, into the Google search field, enter "new home builder North Carolina" and note the results. You will then be given a number of websites to choose from. For example, you may find the website for new home builder Orleans Homes. If Orleans Homes appears, this is because the search engine has determined that Orleans Homes is relevant to the search query "new home builder North Carolina." You may also notice that to the right and above the "organic" search results, there are a series of "sponsored" listings. These may be of even more benefit to your search. To determine if they are of use to you, note how they describe themselves. If their ad copy speaks to your new home needs, note the names of the companies.

After browsing online for homebuilders using search engines, check out various homebuilder directories. Chances are you will have noticed several prominent homebuilder directories while searching. Some of these websites will offer details about various homebuilders and new home communities within the confines of the directory website. Others will simply offer a name, contact information and link to the home builder. It is this author's preference to go directly to the homebuilder website from the homebuilder directly but others will argue that there is no difference. Whatever your individual preference, you want to gather all the names of the homebuilders appropriate for your homebuilder search.

After gathering a list of homebuilders - lets say a healthy start is ten company names - you will then want to go directly to the various homebuilder website. Once there, you will need to evaluate the homebuilder based on the website. If the website allows users to search by parameters relevant to their new home search, this demonstrates not only flexibility but also experience working with individuals like you. Then, if you like what you see, simply contact the homebuilder. Chances are the website will let you register for or request information. Do so. This will not only get you the most appropriate information but also will likely register you for special events and discounts.

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Robert O'Shaughnessy is the Online Marketing Manager for Graphic Language in San Francisco. This article is on behalf of new home builder Orleans Homes.

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