The Best Kinds of AdSense Traffic

by Victor Awo - Date: 2010-06-20 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

What is so unique about AdSense traffic that is different from normal traffic? Why are AdSense publishers so fixated with the idea of acquiring AdSense traffic? What's all the fuss about?

As all AdSense publishers know the key to AdSense success lies in getting as many visitors passing through your site as possible. But it doesn't necessarily mean instant AdSense riches if you somehow get hundreds of people passing through your site every day. We all know that certain sources of traffic are very poor and some can be extremely costly.

Buying traffic is a notoriously poor method for getting people to your site. Bought traffic is simply too artificial and is too forced. The people passing through have no interest whatsoever in your content and they will have no interest in your ads.

The best way to get AdSense traffic is to get it free through the search engines. One thing you can be sure of is that if your AdSense site is discovered through a query from a search engine the visitor will have an interest in what you have to offer on your site. This form of traffic is the best for most AdSense sites. Visitors coming through search queries are already primed for what you have to offer. After they've reached your site, it's up to you to make the sure that you've optimised your site in the best way possible to get that all important click.

The best kind of AdSense traffic are made out of those types of visitors that are looking for something specific through the search engines. That's why some AdSense niche sites do so well. The fact that they are niche helps them corner the market and the nature of the topics of some niche sites satisfies the needs of certain kinds of visitors.

But once you've got a primed visitor how can you legitimately increase your click-through-rate (CTR)?

One method that can be used, though controversial, is to avoid completely fulfilling the needs of a visitor. I know it sounds odd, but bear with me. By all means create a great looking well written site but to increase the probability of a click you should only partially fulfil the needs of a visitor. If your site is very niche and very well optimized with the right kind of keywords, this method can work wonders. This is because an extremely primed visitor seeking an answer to one query or another will have no choice but to seek a possible solution through a placed AdSense ad, if it holds a possibility of a solution.

This method is risky and goes against normal convention, but it does work when applied properly.

But as you can see the best kind of AdSense traffic are the ones composed of visitors that seeking the material you have to offer on your site. Search Engine traffic makes the best form of AdSense Traffic. It can take a long time to get Search Engine traffic for your AdSense site but the effort is more than worth it.

Don't try too many shortcuts when it comes to getting traffic. The difficult way (high search engines rankings) is unfortunately the most rewarding.

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