Becoming a Succesful Video Game Tester

by Mike Brown - Date: 2008-08-04 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

If you're willing to put in some trial to contact some video game companies, being a video game tester is likely in your future. However, some people simply rely on their skills and don't realize you'll need to do a little research to become a video game tester. A video game tester job requires that you at least have video game playing skills. Believe it or not some people just cannot play video games, while others are amazing at them. Some people lack the motivation and many lack the proper hand eye coordination to play well.

People choosing a career in the video game field most likely start out as video game testers. The video game testers are giving new games that are almost completed and need testing to identify flaws in the different versions of the games that will be available for sale. Not only do video game testers play the games they also have to record what they find. For example, a video game tester may find a bug on a certain level of the game, to describe the bug may take more than just a few words. A video game tester must examine in full all the issue any certain game may have. Since so many gaming companies and consoles exist there are numerous game tester jobs open. Video game testers may be required to play the same game over and over, including certain sequences in the game just to get to a certain spot. This can help fix flaws in a video game. All of this testing is important in being able to position yourself to learn all you can to move forward in the video game industry.

The higher you climb the ladder as a tester the better chances of getting deeper into the gaming industry there are. Starting out as a video game tester will allow you to position yourself with experience and position yourself to learn from the best in the industry. As a video game tester there are many possibilities for you those that have had at least 3 years experience earn over $25,000 per year for those with over 6 years experience they can earn over $43,000 per year. When you include your video game testing experience with the right college degree, you can position yourself in testing management which has unlimited potential.

Of course depending on your goals you can position yourself for other major professions in the video game industry including programming, developing, designing, art, and producing. Learning to become a video game tester will greatly help you career in the future. Starting on your way to success may be just as easy as having your skills in playing video games and a little patience when you position yourself as a video game tester in the video game industry. Without patience you may become frustrated and feel that your career will never open up. However, simply waiting and continuing to play and practice may help open the door for you.

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