How to Make the Best of a DUI Arrest

by Stewart Wrighter - Date: 2010-10-18 - Word Count: 506 Share This!

A moving vehicle violation can cause a real disruption in the life of an individual. A Cincinnati DUI lawyer can be a necessity when unexpected events lead to an arrest. Cincinnati DUI attorneys are practiced in the best ways to provide defense and bargain for the best resolution to the charges.

Most people do not plan to become inebriated and get behind the wheel of an automobile. Some situations present themselves because of poor planning, but some people are trapped in circumstances that leave them as the designated driver when they don't want to be.

Of course, everyone must be responsible, especially when driving a car. No matter how a person ends up breaking the law, that person knows that the law was broken. Even under the assumption that a person does not understand you cannot drive under the influence, which is a huge stretch, ignorance of the law is not excusable.

After getting past the question of right or wrong, the more important factors in the case are how severely handicapped the person driving was and what the outcome of the mistake was in the way of damage or injury.

A lawyer can only work with the situation at hand. If the client caused property damage or hurt another individual, it is much more difficult to resolve the issue without monetary and personal setbacks.

Factors that a judge or jury will be concerned with in a DUI case are:

* The history of the person who is arrested - A first time offender should have consideration given to the number of years of driving experience without moving violations and accidents they had prior to the violation.

* How the driver presented himself or herself at the time of the arrest - This has to do with the severity of the intoxication as well as how the person responded to the officer. Arrogance or fighting doesn't garner much sympathy from a judge or jury. If the person tried to escape in the car, endangering more people, the punishment will be more severe.

* Explanation of why the driver broke the law - Although there is no legal way to justify a DUI, extenuating circumstances might sway a decision if the defendant had an emergency situation that required an attempt to drive.

* Driver's presentation at the trial - Humility is the best cloak to wear when in a DUI trial. The person who wants to become defensive is playing to the wrong audience and probably sealing his or her doom.

Insurance companies do not respond fondly to DUI convictions. Even if an insurance company chooses to allow a person to keep insurance, it will be at a high premium. Most companies will just cancel the policy or remove the driver from the list of covered individuals.

It is best to stay out of a DUI situation, but if it does occur, the only option is to get an attorney who is well versed in that aspect of the law and who will attempt to get the best judgment for the defendant. Attempting to represent one's self is usually a monumental mistake.

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