Choosing High Chairs

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Feeding a baby isn't always the easiest of processes and can lead to as much baby food on you and your son or daughter as you manage to get in their mouths. Choosing the right high chairs should be considered one of the first steps and it can really make a big difference in ensuring that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Not only does this mean choosing a high chair that is the right height but has the features and the appropriate fastenings, as appropriate. You can also ensure that you get a high chair design that you really love and that will fit in with the décor of your home.

High Chair Designs

High chair designs can vary greatly but typically they will include a molded plastic tray which is used for holding baby's food and feeding implements as well as at least one strap or harness to keep your baby in position during feeding. High chairs can be made from plastic or wood as well as a variety of other materials but there are certain factors that you should look for in order to ensure that you get the best possible high chair for the job.

Harnesses And Safety Straps

Look for high chairs that have at least one harness or safety fastening and consider how easy it will be to do up and remove. If it proves to be too easy to open then inquisitive fingers may also be able to unstrap themselves and move around too freely. Similarly, a mechanism that is too fiddly or complex will discourage you from using it on a regular basis.

Adjustable Seat Height

An adjustable seat height means that your high chair can grow with your baby. Also consider how many different height settings there are. You will probably only use one or two of the settings, possibly three, but some chairs come with considerably more than this.

Material And Fabric Quality

The quality of the upholstered seat fabric will help determine how long it will last and how good it looks. There's no reason you can't combine style and quality design with functionality and form when choosing high chairs so don't be afraid to opt for good looking designs in good quality fabrics and materials.

High Chair Strength

Make sure the high chair looks sturdy and strong but light enough to move around. You may want to move the chair between table and living room or even from your house to your parents or another house. If this is the case then you should be able to quickly and easily pack it up and place it in the car without being scared of damaging any part of the high chair construction.

Small Parts

Small parts are something that you need to consider whenever you buy any item for baby or that baby will use on a regular basis. If there are small parts and they are not attached properly then they can be a real choking hazard especially on a high chair, somewhere that your baby will associate with feeding time.

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