Email Evolution And Relevance Of Email

by Aaron Goldberg - Date: 2009-01-14 - Word Count: 420 Share This!

Today when people open their email inbox they want to see emails from co-workers, friends, family members, and maybe their favorite stores. However, what they don't want to see is a bunch of spam filling up their inbox and wasting their day even if they would approach or enjoy the product or service you are marketing in these emails. As a result, for email marketers it is incredibly important to understand that the evolution of email had made it more important than ever to send relevant emails. If you manage to send emails that are truly relevant you have a much better chance of having them opened and read.

So, what this comes down to is knowing how often to send emails and what information to include in them to make them relevant. Individuals ignore emails all too frequently simply because the first five or 10 they received offered no benefit to them. So, they no longer take the time to read them or even open them for that matter. They are immediately deleted and never supply the message to the potential customers. This is not just a problem with unknown companies; it's a problem for companies that have lifelong customers that love their products. The problem is that if the email is not relevant or worthwhile it won't be read.

What is important is for companies that have customers on their opt in list to research what these customers have purchased in the past. Then, create emails based on their personal preferences and purchases. For example, one particular online shoe company will follow up with you one year after a purchase of a pair of shoes to provide the link and information on those shoes should you want to buy a replacement pair. That is a pretty good marketing trick because it plays on the purchase, the product, and even the size. Providing a link to the actual shoe with the actual size showing its availability is strong and a proper way to go about email marketing.

The email marketer will want to study the evolution of email to see where mistakes were made and how to overcome them and make their approach even better. It certainly is not easy to be involved in email marketing in an age when people want to do nothing more than hit the delete button if they aren't interested. However, finding ways to make the email relative whether it is free shipping, discounts, or their favorite items, will help with the entire plan to build business.

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