Factors To Consider Before Having Your Engagement Photos Taken

by Christopher Maxwell - Date: 2007-03-08 - Word Count: 580 Share This!

If you are planning an engagement photo session, this article will hopefully provide some tips and pointers to consider as you plan.

What style photos do you want?
Studio or outdoor? Formal or casual? Posed or photojournalistic? Try to think of your personalities and how you would like to share your news with your family and friends (and perhaps a photo that can be included with your wedding invitations) - and think of what style of photography would best match that. Discuss your thoughts with your fiancé/fiancée.

Types of photos
Search the web for engagement photos and perhaps print out a few to take with you to your engagement session. There are thousands of sample photos online; having four or five that you like will give the photographer some extra ideas to try out. You should also talk to your married friends and see what they did for their engagement photos.

Professional or amateur?
You are likely to get better results if you hire a professional. They know what they are doing and can work with you to get great photos.

However, if budget is a concern, instead of having no photos taken, try to find a friend that will take your photos. Especially a friend that has some photography skill. If you are using a friend for the pictures, do not do an indoor photo session! Try to have an outdoor photo session in the evening as the sun is setting - but without any direct sun shining on you. Go to a park or other beautiful location. And then have fun! If you need to, go out and take some test photos to see what the location and lighting looks like and then go back the next day for the actual photo session.

Wedding Photographer?
Many wedding photographers include an engagement session in their wedding photography packages. It is a wonderful way for you to "test out" a photographer and see how well you interact with them, and how well they are able to put you at ease during a photo session. If you are having engagement photos taken in the same area where the wedding will be, and you are hiring a professional photographer for your wedding, I strongly recommend you consider using the same photographer for your engagement photo session.

Don't be Nervous!
The key to a successful engagement photo session, and what many professionals are skilled at, is helping you relax in front of the camera. Don't get bogged down with the details of the photo session and how you are appearing (it's hard not to be vain during such an important session - I know!). Instead, focus on your fiancé/fiancée and your love for them. Relax and enjoy being with them. If the photographer has posing tips, have fun while trying them out.

If a friend is taking your photos I believe you have a better chance of success by going out and having a fun, relaxed, photo session than going for a serious, posed session. Even IF you had to go back out for another photo session because the first batch didn't turn out well - oh, well. Consider it another special outing with the one you love.

What to Wear
The wedding vows have not been exchanged yet, but you have, in essence, already pledged your life and love to your fiancé/fiancée. I would strongly recommend that you coordinate your clothing. Whether it is tan and whites, or perhaps denim - whatever the colors, work at coordinating. Casual or formal? Again, make sure you coordinate.

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Christopher Maxwell does engagement photography in the Kansas City area. His desire is to help professionals, and amateurs, take better engagement photos

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