Why Wedding Favors Are So Important

by Aaron Y. Hu - Date: 2010-02-28 - Word Count: 543 Share This!

You may wonder what the big fuss is about wedding favors. Some folk may say that as the couple getting married, you take the trouble to invite family and friends, give them a lovely place to dine and wine in and also invite them to revel if they wish to dance the day away. That should suffice as a happy event, so 'why is there a need to give them favors?' you may ask.

Well, according to French and Italian aristocrats of old, a wedding was supposed to bring luck not just to the newlyweds but also to the guests. Hence, by giving away almonds or candy, the bride and groom were wishing their guests fertility, health, wealth, happiness and longevity. These sweets were placed in porcelain, crystal or metal boxes and were probably the very first favors to be given away.

This act became a tradition and now we have couples giving away all kinds of tokens to thank their guests for attending their wedding and sharing their special moments. The gifts you offer as a couple certainly reflect the way you feel about the occasion or your guests. This is how unique wedding favors came about. In America, couples usually give away gifts based on the wedding theme or the lifestyle of the couple or guest. In Italy, it is tradition for guests to receive almonds. After a Spanish wedding, you can expect to walk away with a little vase of orange blossoms. The Dutch are known to offer bridal sugar in the form of candy to their guests.

The manner in which you plan to give away the wedding favors is entirely up to you. Some couples place these gifts at the place setting as part of the table decoration. In this way, the guest can help himself to the gift as he leaves. Others like to have a table set aside just for these gifts where each guest's name will be written on the gift and all will be invited to take their tokens on their way home. In this instance, it is best to have a family member to stand by this table just to ensure that the right gift gets to the right person. Alternately, as the guests offer their wedding presents to the happy couple, the couple in turn gives them their favors, which does lend a personal touch to the whole experience.

This is the best day of your life and naturally all couples would want to give it their all. If it involves careful planning and saving lots of money, go ahead and do it as this is one of the few moments of your life where you can actually bathe in the glory of looking good and sharing much love and joy with all who really matter to you. Planning the invitations, wedding attire, food, venue and religious or civil ceremony may seem like a huge task, but taking one step at a time and discussing with the necessary parties will make the tasks a lot simpler.

As you prepare busily for your special occasion, think about this interesting saying which has inspired many a man from time to time, 'Marriage is give and take. You'd better give it to her or she'll take it anyway.' Joey Adams

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