Salvia Divinorum Ingestion And Possible Side Effects

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Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive mint which is used in traditional spiritual practices. This drug can be ingested in liquid form as well as smoked in powder form. Ingestion of salvia divinorum can leave some side effects. Most of the times, many people who ingest this drug do not know the after effects which can be harmful for them as the results may be strong and horrifying.

Salvia divinorum is banned in some states and countries due to its side effects and so it is essential to check the legitimacy of this drug before purchasing it. This drug may give some positive relief if it is ingested in proper manner and quantity.

Salvia divinorum may give hallucinogenic effects which are very similar to mushrooms or LCD. You might have experienced hallucinations after consuming mushrooms or LCD. Hallucinations due to these edibles may last up to twelve hours or so but the hallucinating effects due to salvia divinorum stay for around five minutes only. You may also experience headache for sometime after ingesting this drug. All the side effects of salvia divinorum may stay for around forty five minutes and then you would feel absolutely normal and more relieved. You should be aware of all the side effects and precautions to be taken before you ingest this drug in any form as you may feel uneasy which may lead to panic.

Most of the people smoke the powder form of this drug, as this provides them instant effect. It is highly recommended to take extra precautions and safety during consumption of salvia divinorum in powder form. Smoking salvia divinorum may lead to severe side effects including loss in physical control. If you are smoking salvia divinorum for the first time, then it would be better to use this drug in a safe and comfortable atmosphere and under a supervision of a trusted person. This would help you in having a positive experience with this drug. You can have a good experience with salvia divinorum, if you have prior knowledge of its side effects and precautions which are necessarily taken.

You can enjoy the calming and pleasing effects of salvia divinorum by keeping a few things in mind. These things would help you in enjoying the effects of this drug without having any ill effect on your health.

(1) Using water cooled pipe or bong is definitely a better option than the regular pipes. This would only allow the cool smoke to enter in your lung which would minimize the side effects of salvia divinorum.

(2) 400 mg of salvia divinorum leaves are enough as a dose for a person at a time. You should inhale the smoke of this quantity in three or four draws so that you may get the best effects. Also it would be better to retain the smoke for as long as possible so that the drug may stimulate the lungs properly.

(3) Make sure that the pipe is clean and in good condition. The vaporization of salvia divinorum should also be done in a proper way to get good results.

(4) You can get the best results with minimum side effects only by using best leaves of salvia divinorum. Using good leaves would ensure good results.

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