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You can definitely improve you aim when you add archery sights to your bow. Your technique for shooting also improves. You need to look through all the different types of archery sights on the internet right now and decide on the best one for you. Each has its own characteristics and can be adjusted in different ways. You could begin by asking friends and family who also shoot which they have used and what they prefer. Become as knowledgeable about the sights before you purchase one to get the best fit.

Mounting The Sight

If you add the archery sights to the side farthest away of the bow, you will have a clearer view than if it is mounted closer. The sight is further away from your eyes and gives you a better aim with a dot that is smaller. A sight located on the side you shoot with is good for long distances while close mounting is better to set a yard. Most archery sights are centered on a dot for aiming that is situated inside a hood or frame. The sights that cost less have one or two pins exposed. The markings and pins are different with the amount of range the archery sights can give you. If you do not know the distance your shot is now, you should estimate as close as possible and convert the figures into the system of aiming before you take a shot.

Peep At Me

Archery sights have what is known as a peep sight. This is a small hole located on the bowstring itself that allows you to see the yardage pins clearly as you draw back the bowstring to aim. It also gives you the assurance that you are pulling the string back correctly. Count the yards from the target and adjust according to the range needed. They are always sighted by the range to give you the best adjustment for the sight. You will need to know how far the shots will go to set it properly.

Set Your Sights

To get your archery sights set correctly, you need to shoot about five shots and take note of where they fall. If the arrows you shoot go to the right, the pins and archery sights need to be set to that side. Do the same if they pull to the left. You always adjust the bow and sights to the direction the arrows seem to go. Now that it has been adjusted, shoot four or five more and readjust until are feel comfortable with the settings.

Be Safe When Shooting

Never take this sport for granted. Learn the proper safety procedures and then follow them each and every time you are shooting the bow. The bow can hurt or cause damage just as any other weapon can so make sure you know what is behind the target you are shooting at. It is always advisable to have training in the sport before you attempt to try it on your own.

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