5 Highly Effective Ways to Use your Mortgage Business Card...part I

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5 Highly Effective Ways to Use Your Mortgage Business Card...Part I

We all carry them...at least we should. And, we all try to have them available for the right occasion...at least we try. We collect them so they can be used for future reference...which is good. But, are we really using them effectively?

I'm referring of course, to the "business card." Now, don't bail out on me here and click away...this is really good stuff!

Your business card can be one of most powerful forms of marketing available to you. Now, as you know, it's not meant to be the only form of marketing you use...but, as the old saying goes: If you've got it...use it! Actually, that's not quite right.

Any way, here's my list of highly effective ways to use your business card to help you originate more mortgages:

1. Add value to your business card. Here's a sobering fact: More times than not, your customers and prospects currently throw away your business cards.

This is their logic: I just met this person or I just purchased or refinanced my home and I won't need a mortgage for a long time...so I'll just throw the card away. Six months from now, when their brother-in-law needs to refinance, not only will they have forgotten your telephone number, but your name as well.

So how do you add value to your cards? The answer is simple...laminate them. I know...what a pain! But, the fact is...people just don't throw things away that are laminated. Your laminated business card has perceived value, and isn't that exactly what we want?

We want them to keep those cards for not only their personal use...but for their brother-in-law too. We want them to keep those cards forever?

I have to tell you, I've been laminating my cards for years. A few months back, one of my cards surfaced that was about six years old. How did I know that? Stay tuned for the answer...its coming up next.

2. Use the back of your business card. I'm not kidding folks...this is great space...use it. As you know, mortgage money is readily available today and with it comes some very low "Start Rate" adjustable rate mortgages.

That's what I promote on the back of my business card today. The back of my card looks something like this:

Ask me about the



*The 1.00% Start Rate is based on the fully indexed MTA with an APR (etc., etc.) All loans are subject to credit approval. Rates and programs may change without notice.

The 1.00% is in huge bold red print. "Ask me about the," and the word "mortgage" are smaller in bold blue print. The disclaimer is very small in black print. So, how do I use my double sided card? This is what I say to my contact:

"Here's my card...if you even hear the word mortgage mentioned...please give them my card...that's how I make my living. And, by the way, we have a great mortgage with a 1.00% start rate" and there's a reminder of that on the back."

That little statement is a great conversation starter as it always seems to get a response.

I hear things like this all the time:

"Wow, that's a great rate! I refinanced last year at 6.25%...can I get that Rate?" or "You're kidding...what's the catch?"

My response to the first:

"You probably can! We should take a look at it. When can we get together? Is tomorrow OK, or should we do it Saturday?

My response to the second:

"No catch...it's the hottest mortgage product on the market today and it can save you a ton of money! We should get together and talk about it...etc.

I'm amazed that with all the advertising and hype these low start rate programs have experienced...there are still tons of people out there that don't know anything about them... these programs are super HOT!

If you're sitting on the side lines and watching, and not generating mortgages...you are missing out on the greatest financing opportunity available ever. I keep saying to myself..."This can't last too much longer, the price of money has to go up!" And yes...I'm glad it hasn't!

Everyone that originates mortgages has a low start rate adjustable available to them. Now, you may have a 1.00%, or 1.25%, or 1.50%, or 1.95%. The point here is...learn it, promote it...and you'll make a bunch of money with it.

Remember that lost business card that came back after some six years? Although I've worked for multiple lenders over the years, and laminated my cards for many years...my card back changes with the times.

At that point, I was printing a small amortization table on the back, so that someone could reference it and with one calculation, come up with a principle and interest payment knowing their mortgage amount. Interest rates were quite different back then.

My contact said he saved that card because it was laminated...now he needed my services...and he called! Just as side note: That same contact is now the proud owner of a low start rate mortgage.

I know what you're thinking at this point...in my case the company I worked for printed all of their business cards in-house...so I could use both sides of the card.

If your company has cards prepared for you by a printer, you can still do it. Design a card back, print it on card stock, put the two together back to back, and then...laminate it!

Be sure to look for Part II of this article...

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Tom Domin has over twenty-five years of experience in Real Estate and Mortgages. Tom has acted as a corporate mortgage trainer and currently is a Florida Licensed Mortgage Broker. Tom is the author of "Tom's Mortgage Tips" a twice monthly Mortgage Newsletter that is geared for Mortgage Professionals. You can sign-up by visiting http://www.mortgagemarketingtoolkit.com/

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