After You Have Broken the Law and Gotten a Ticket

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You have gotten pulled over driving on your way home from work. The police officer has told you that he is going to issue you a speeding ticket. You have broken the law and since you now have several traffic tickets this year you are going to need to do what you can to get yourself out of it. The consequences of this many speeding tickets is a possible suspension of your driving license and raised insurance rates.

Your ticket will have a summons date for where and when you need to appear in court. Usually you have just paid the fine but with your license on the line you need to try and get the ticket erased from your driving record. You will want to contact an attorney.

You can find the names of attorneys online and in the telephone book. You might also ask friends for recommendations. The main thing you want to make sure of is that the attorney specializes in the defense of speeding tickets. Attorneys specialize in areas. You do not want a family law attorney handling your traffic tickets.

Choose several lawyers to contact. You will want to ask them all about what they might be able to do for you. They should be honest as to your prospects for success. You do not want an attorney who gives you unrealistic expectations. Talking to a few before you choose will help you assess what to expect.

There should also be a clear understanding of what you will pay for their services. Often you will either pay a flat rate or a per hour charge. You will have to decide if the cost of defending you case is more important than the ramifications of having the ticket on your record.

The law office will probably conduct an intake interview. They will look at the facts and assess if they want to represent you. This interview may be with a paralegal. A paralegal is trained in the legal field but is not a licensed attorney. They work under the supervision of a licensed attorney. The paralegal will report what they find to the attorney who will make the final decision on if they will accept your case.

You must also decide if you feel comfortable with the law firm. You are interviewing and deciding on them just as much as you they are deciding on taking you as a client. If you are not comfortable with the attorney it will make your professional relationship less effective.

Make sure you are completely honest. They need to know the entire truth and your situation in order to represent you. Rest assured that what you talk about with your attorney is protected by the attorney-client privilege. This helps you to feel free to talk to them.

If you are accused of breaking the law and end up in court you need to behave properly in that setting. Make sure you tell the truth when asked questions by your attorney, the judge, and the prosecutor. You can be punished for lying while on the stand. Lying will get you worse consequences than the speeding ticket itself.

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