Did He Breakup With Because of His Fears? - What Makes a Boyfriend Afraid Enough to Run From You!

by H.L. Archer - Date: 2010-10-25 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

When your ex boyfriend suddenly told you he needed a break, you could not believe what you were hearing. Everything seemed to be going so good. You were both very much in love, at least that is what you thought. How could he appear to be so much in love with you if he was not? The answer to that is simple, he probably was and still is in love with you, but there is something you need to know about men. What makes a boyfriend run from you?

When a man meets a woman and is attracted to her, it is usually a physical or sexual attraction. Men are natural hunters and the are always in search of a new conquest. But women want to build a nest and have security. That is what causes women so much heart break. What you sometimes take as love, might be only physical to him. But if you and your ex had a good relationship that had lasted for some time, his reason could be a far different one.

If you think your ex boyfriend needed a break because he fell out of love with you, that would be wrong. It was just the opposite. He was falling too deeply in love with you. At the time of the breakup, you were probably thinking that he was about ready to make a firm commitment to you. That is why the whole thing is so confusing. But, you would be right, he was getting ready to commit and that is what made him run.

The breakup was caused by his fears. To a woman a commitment means security and feeling that the man she loves wants to be with her forever. To a man it is a loss of freedom, and men do not give their freedom up easily. That is what can be so confusing and cause so much pain. Everything was fine as long as things were fun and not too serious. But when he felt himself falling deeply in love with you and on the verge of a commitment, his fears took over.

The memories of his childhood came back to him and he felt as if he was falling into a trap. The same trap that made his father grow old before his time. Your ex boyfriend could see himself working two jobs to support his family, just as his father did. He can still hear his parents arguing over finances and no longer being the loving couple they once were. He did not want the same fate for the two of you, so he run.

If you feel this might be the reason your ex boyfriend run away, then it will only be a matter of time before he will be back. You will have to give him time to think and work things out, but his love for you will win the battle. You only need to show patience and understanding to have that future with him of which you have dreamed.

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