If Face Is The Index Of Mind, The Teeth Is A Part And Parcel Of Face

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A smile with a set of flawless teeth is really mesmerizing. But that flaw-less set of teeth do not come easy. You should be very particular about your dental care if you want to mingle with the society and impose your influence.

There might be many dental problems. But most of them have a remedy either intrinsic or cosmetic. No dentist will recommend a cosmetic treatment unless required. So be assured, your dentist is your best advisor for your teeth. DO NOT depend upon hearsay.

Whether it is for cosmetic surgery, lining up of teeth, teeth whitening always consult a professional and qualified dentist. And do not change your dentist frequently.

But before that, you should observe a strict regimen of brushing your teeth with medium pressure (with high pressure brushing, chances are the enamel coating on the tooth gets damaged and the damage is irreversible) , flossing, removing the plaque etc. But its not only the teeth that we should take care. Gums are equally important. Loose gums, receding gums or any other problem of gums, will affect the teeth's life.

However, its not that easy to have a trouble free set of teeth. For Lining up of teeth, replacing fallen tooth etc. we have cosmetic dentists who will address these problems.

And now teeth whitening. Discoloration tooth happens because of two factors, the first being extrinsic. The outside conations and lifestyle habits like smoking, beetle nut / leaves chewing, tobacco chewing etc., excessive consumption tea / coffee, chemotherapy, bad food habits, bad dental care etc affect the natural color of tooth, which should be addressed from the onset of the problem.

The intrinsic factors are the stains developed from within the tooth, exposure to tetracyclines and minerals during teeth formation.

However we have a remedy, permanent or cosmetic. Visit your dentist at regular intervals to retain your beautiful smile with its set of sparkling pearl like teeth intact.

Best way is prevention. Do follow a strict oral hygiene.

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