Cocaine and Genital Herpes

by Eric Johnson - Date: 2007-10-18 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

Are cocaine and genital herpes linked to each other? Basically some researchers had found in one study that out those young teens who used crack or snort cocaine has tendencies of developing genital herpes infection. It was found out in the research that there is a high rate of genital herpes infection in young teens and with a ratio of one in six people who were infected with HSV had snorted cocaine. The entry of the HSV virus is through the sores in the nasal linings due to cocaine snorting. The evidence of the presence of the virus was traced from blood test.

Do you think cocaine and genital herpes infection linked to increased risk transmission of the virus to others? Unfortunately cocaine and genital herpes are common to young people who lived below average, with less education, had multiple sexual partners and those who do not care about he repercussions of having sex with an infected partner because of ?feeling high? as a result of using cocaine. The street drugs cocaine and genital herpes transmission to others can occur when partners had no sense what is going on during sex because of the effects of cocaine.

When some is indulged in crack (cocaine), it may provide an extraordinary but temporary feeling of pleasure. However, once the effects of cocaine subsides or wears off a person may feel uneasy. One could be feeling irritable, restless, depressed, amnesia, paranoia and other unpleasant feeling that no one can explain. Once addicted, the effects of cocaine will be sought and unending cravings that will lead to abuse will be experienced.

These feelings caused by cocaine and genital herpes recurrent outbreak can happen when the person?s immune system is compromised. Like many street drugs, cocaine also is associated with other health problems that will trigger the immune system to become weak. Based on one study, cocaine, heroin and other street drugs are linked to an increased risk of developing herpes, tuberculosis, pneumonia, genital herpes, can certain AIDS-related infections. As we all know genital herpes virus is triggered when a person has a weak immune system. Because cocaine causes depression, a person who is always depressed will have weak immune systems. Weak immune systems will trigger the virus to reactivate causing sores and lesions in the genital area.

Not only that cocaine and genital herpes are linked to each other. Cocaine use had been linked to major health issues including heart attack, severe chest pain, heart inflammation and other cardiovascular issues.

Although there are minimal studies linking cocaine and genital herpes, current and future studies are stil going on to establish the facts more and include studying a larger number of HIV positive cocaine users over a longer period of time. An important point to explore is whether recovery from cocaine addiction improves heart health.

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