Litter Maid Mega Advanced Deluxe Litter Box Product Review

by Joseph Pescatello - Date: 2006-12-31 - Word Count: 435 Share This!

About a year ago, when my wife brought home TWO kittens, I was glad to have them, if a little surprised. Never having owned a cat in my adult life, I wasn't prepared for the amount of work required in keeping the litter box clean. As they grew, cleaning the cat box became an unpleasant daily chore. If we let a couple of days pass, the odor started to permeate the whole house. Eventually, we decided to try out the Litter Maid system and we haven't looked back since. Because we have two cats, we decided to get the largest model available - the 'Mega Advanced Deluxe'. We find that it keeps up with our two fairly well, but a smaller model almost certainly would not.

Assembly is simple. Just remove the packing material, clip a couple of the components together and plug it in or insert the batteries.

Daily use The Litter Maid system works with most types of premium clumping cat litter. (We like Arm & Hammer after having tried a variety of different brands.) To start, spray the bottom with vegetable oil to keep stuff from sticking. Then pour about 1 1/2 inches of litter into the box and put a fresh tray into the compartment that holds the refuse. Next, just turn it on and walk away. (We haven't tried using batteries - only the wall plug for power.)

The device senses when your cat steps into the box. About 10 minutes later, after the clumping litter has had a chance to do its work, a comb rakes through the box gathering clumps of any sort and depositing them into the refuse tray. Once the rake retracts, a lid drops on the tray closing off the odors. The rake then combs back through the box and sits waiting for the next round.

Cleaning A couple of times each week we empty the refuse tray and add litter to the box. Then about twice each month, we'll dump the litter, clean the box with soap and water and replace the tray. All-in-all, it takes about 10 minutes and isn't much more work than cleaning any other type of litter box.

Service After using the box for about six months, we had a problem with sensor that triggers the rake. It suddenly stopped working and we had to clean the box the old-fashioned way with a scoop. We called the toll-free number which is printed right on the unit and they had us mail them a small piece of the rake mechanism. One week later, we received a whole new system! We were thrilled with their customer service and quick response.

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