The Devil is Coming for You!

by Richard - Date: 2008-10-30 - Word Count: 545 Share This!

Atheists will scoff when you try and tell them that there truly is Heaven and Hell and a loving being called Christ ruling the good with Satan and his minions ruling over the evil. There is just too much truth and proof around us to merely dismiss these facts. When people are awed, hurt or in a crisis they will reach out for God. One of the most common sayings you will hear all around you, in movies, television shows and even on real TV is disasters is ‘Oh My God'  No matter what religion denomination you follow or whether you believe in the devil or not be afraid because the Devil is coming for you!

Society is in Chaos, World economies are Collapsing

The United States economy is a barometer that influences world economies and the ripple effect caused by any major change has huge and in some cases catastrophic affects on developing countries.  The current chaos is a result of the devil coming for you and whether you know it or not you carry the mark of the beast! The bible has clearly mapped out world events including the current recessions and even through science it has been and proven to be mathematically correct. The time discrepancies may indicate a different time clock that what is ticking in our real world but even so it can clearly be seen that future events are clearly indicated. The mark of the beast is' six hundred threescore and six' or 666.

Do you know that almost every barcode has this number in it though in different orders and mathematical formulas!  Do you know that the devil is coming for you because you carry his mark?  Bar code systems that have been used since the beginning of the twentieth century comprising of these 666 symbols are argued that it is necessary for digital counting identification. It is written that the number of the beast will be marked on us in the bible.

Your Life is Regulated & Controlled By The Mark of The beast!

Evil is surfacing every where with Satanism reaching the highest levels of government. Are you not fearful of the current change? Perhaps you do not really know what is in store for you then! The devil is coming for you and if you do not do something about it you will be marked as ‘his own'. Don't consider this any form or religious teaching but rather take it as a fact that should instill deep fear. Reading information that is available will help you become forewarned and thus forearmed.  Even the bible is a great reference indicated in revelations about the seven beasts that shall rise. This must not be confused with the mark of the beast 666. The mark of the beast gives relevance to cataclysmic events and the signs show that this is a mark of imperfection which we are being forced to carry unknowingly as well!

.Spread the message and beware of people that worship or are marked with the number of the beast for they are lost forever. Arm yourself with knowledge of what is happening around us because the facts are there. If you know the devil is coming for you, then you can do something about it!!

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