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Until this period, various other online file sharing software had been developed. Particularly in Europe and US, home internet user had been using file sharing software that utilise Gnutella Technology. However, the situation in Asia is quite different because the law enforcement in both areas is different. In most Asia countries copyright protection is not so extensive or the control of internet usage is not so exhaustive thus a large number of people still using traditional HTML or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) download or upload, which the end user would connect to the server either to upload or download a file.

Early 2002 Bit Torrent Technology had been invented. Bit Torrent technology had been incorporated into countless software, such as BitSpirit or BT Client and this technology posts another great difficulty for law enforcements to trace and track individual users who utilise this software.

Until this day, there is countless bit torrent software and there are still countless members of public still utilising Gnutella technology based p2p file sharing software. However, by comparing to 4, 5 years ago, people today are much more cautious in using this kind of program fearing he or she might be the target of law enforcements.

The interconnection of a web of computers was the basic structure of the internet. This worldwide network makes it very simple to share files and to search files. The ideology of getting materials that you don't need to pay would eventually attract everybody. At this moment, piracy becomes natural fit for internet. Internet user is not restricted by boundary, speed, and language and free from the challenge of law. A simple "double click" would help them to get what they want. This is the major distinction of online piracy and other form of piracy.

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