Never Too Old For Stuffed Animals

by Victor Epand - Date: 2008-08-27 - Word Count: 429 Share This!

There are things that you will in the long run have to grow out of when as you become older. For example, there is crying and throwing a fit of temper when you do not get your way. There is also pushing the veggies to the side on your dinner plate. One thing you can never be too old for is having stuffed animals in your room!

Having stuffed animals in your room doesn't exactly mean you have to go to a taxidermist. Without doubt you have a teddy bear lying around in the back of the closet somewhere. What ever happened to that stuffed elephant you got when you were just a kid? You can either give them to your kids or use them to make your bedroom look less "adult-like". Putting cute things such as stuffed animals on your bed or desk would help remind you that life doesn't have to be all serious all the time.

There are vast amounts of ways you can use stuffed animals in your home decorating. Settle on your theme, look through the selection of animals in that category, and go for the ones that you like. Look around your home; you may be surprised at the many places you can add plush stuffed animals. Be creative, have fun and enjoy the results.

Any decor will look more together if you select a theme first. Do you like a cozy country feel to your home? Do you want something a little bit wilder and exotic? Pick something that appeals to you. Choose your furniture, rugs and draperies in colors and styles that create that mood or theme. Now add a bit of fun and life to that decor.

Let's consider a country theme for example. Rather than just having throw pillows, why not add a large stuffed animal instead. Perch a large fluffy bunny at the end of the sofa. Imagine resting your head in the lap of a very large floppy-ear bunny! Not only is it cozy, but, it adds a great conversation piece. Select a few smaller animals such as a lamb, duck, skunk or raccoon to pose in a wicker basket lined with a small quilt or some gingham. You can even pose them against some potted or silk plants. Now step back and take a look around. Your decor looks a lot livelier, does it not?

Don't be afraid to bring out the kid in you. No one should ever feel that once you reach adulthood, life can't be fun. So let your imagination run wild and break out those stuffed animals!

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