Ghost Stories

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Ghost stories are irresistible to everyone, including many of today's greatest writers. This collection of haunting tales serves up chills and thrills with the intelligence and emotional resonance that only comes from great writing. Ghost stories are all about death and dying. They help us to understand what happens after we die.

Ghost stories are not only entertaining, but are often a great deal scarier than horror fiction. Ghost stories are often explicitly meant to be scary, but they have been made for comedic and tragic effect as well. They are present in many different cultures around the world, and may be passed down orally or in written form. Ghost stories are as prevalent in popular music as any other art form. Read the lyrics to Under Your Thumb and it's easy to scoff at the holes in the narrative; factor in the chilly atmosphere conjured up by the shivering synthesisers, however, and the song becomes eerily effective.

Ghost stories have been a mainstay of summer in Japan from around the time of the Edo period (1600-1868) and remain so today. Each summer a host of spooky creatures come out of the dark of the night and into books, movies, and the television screen. Ghost stories have long been an entertaining tradition. Raconteurs of all ages have been scaring with tales built from the imagination. Ghost stories have been popular for thousands of years, and people have various reasons for enjoying them, whether it's to learn something of the spirit world, or simply for a good scare. Ghost stories often reflect upon religious or spiritual beliefs concerning death and the afterlife.

Ghost stories have been around forever and I think Hollywood hasn't focused on ghosts until relatively recently. And I think it's pretty easy to see the strings on monsters and not be scared by them. Ghost stories have long been an entertaining tradition. Raconteurs of all ages have been scaring with tales built from the imagination.

Spiritualist generally agree that a ghost is a mental vibration that is imprinted in the environment. For example, scenes of tragic or emotionally charged events may carry residual mental energy of the living people whose mental energy 'charged' the scene.

Haunted houses, poltergeists and the spirits of long-departed relatives are the playground for ghost hunters. Haunt-reports are more likely in rooms that are darker, colder, contain more suggestive furnishings, contain draughts, and sources of ambiguous sensations like noises etc, the big question is why?

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