Do We Need Friends?

by Atul Bahl - Date: 2006-12-18 - Word Count: 322 Share This!

Whenever we are in need of help the easiest thing is to ask for help which is available at hand but we make it the most difficult thing by not asking for help !! Any unfavourable incident in our life and we find ourselves all alone cursing our luck and our friends who are not there when we need them the most but do we give a thought as to why they are not there a very plausible reason being that we never called out for help then how can we expect help.

A very basic human nature is to expect miracles and I am of the opinion that miracles do happen so it would be a miracle if at such a stage we have a shoulder to cry upon, a hand to hold. But relationships don't develop overnight - they need to be nurtured !! If we nurture our relationships and most importantly call out for help when needed we will have that desired help at hand.

By this premise I want to state that whatever said and done, no man is an island in himself - we all need the support of someone and all the more in distress. People react differently to different situations - some just isolate themselves from the world but do they realize that they are actually hampering their healing process.

Left just to ourselves we would take much much longer to get over any setback, as compared to if we reach out to the people we know, whom we trust and seek help it actually helps us heal faster.

Just as you can take on outward appearances to shape public perception, you can also take on outward appearances to create internal emotions and build confidence - express an emotion physically, and you will feel that emotion internally. Adopting different postures, wearing new clothes, increasing physical activity, and exercise can all temporarily help enhance motivation and mood.

One should never forget that our reactions affect our happiness.

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