Delightful Dinner From Leftovers

by Terry Retter - Date: 2010-09-22 - Word Count: 507 Share This!

Done with your meal? What happens to the leftover portions not eaten? Do they get consumed later or do they sit in the fridge until they start to smell and finally tossed? With the present economy using leftovers is the most sensible thing to do. This saves time and when done right, yields easy, pleasing meals for your family. Leftovers usually do not sound good, but with good planning multiple meals can result from the effort of preparing for one. Let me show you some examples.

Pork Loin and Rice

You had a good roasted pork loin and rice for dinner and there is some of everything remaining. You don't want to serve the same thing for dinner the following night so the pork loin get pushed to the back of the refrigerator.
That's what usually happens. Not anymore! Eating leftovers the way they were originally served, can easily turn family members off. Let's use some originality to keep that pork loin from going to waste and having an interesting and healthy meal.

Chop the pork loin up into bite size pieces. In a large skillet or wok, stir mixed vegetables (use a bag of a frozen vegetables as a quick alternative), an egg and the chopped pork loin. Add the leftover rice (or if there's not enough left over rice, make a new batch), with a little soy sauce and other seasonings to make pork fried rice. Now you have a whole new dinner for your hungry family.
This is just one way of turning leftover into a new and flavourful dish. The same can be done using chicken, seafood or beef.


Leftover hamburgers for dinner can be chopped so they would appear like ground beef once more. The meat can be combined with chilli powder and taco sauce to make beef tacos. Or simply combine it with sauce, tomatoes, chopped peppers and beans to have a pot of chilli.

Just be creative and imaginative and you can find so many ways of turning dinner leftovers into a flavourful and delightful dishes. Now you can have not only one meal for a day but several meals for the week making dinner easier. Sometimes you can prepare dishes on the weekend when you have more time, and put them in the freezer to be pulled out for a quick dinner. You don't have to have the same thing all week but can switch things around with different side dishes combined with leftovers from the main course that looks different.

Surely your family will be surprised in your ability to have different meals during the week that are both good and easy. Besides that, you will save money on your grocery bill by making things go further and not having to throw spoiled foods in the trash. After all, we always think of our family's health and contentment when it comes to food.It is never enough reason that we lack the budget so our family can enjoy dinner everyday. So, try these ideas and add some on your own to please the appetite of your family.

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