Bridal Shower Invitations - Let's Shower The Bride With Love

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The bridal shower is a time of fun, fellowship, and friends forever. In a bridal shower, the bride's closest friends and allies assemble together at the bride's house for a party to celebrate the bride. The friends, relatives, and colleagues 'shower' the bride with gifts. Originally, bridal showers were intended to replace the gifts lost through a dowry that didn't go through because the father of the bride didn't approve of the marriage. Because of this, bridal showers are a recent phenomenon. They're endemic to America and Canada especially so you'll be sure to find the best bridal shower invitations from Internet vendors in one of those two countries.

Bridal shower invitations are fun to send out because you're 100% certain that you will receive some great gifts in return from all your friends. Friends are likely to bring gifts that will help you establish your new home. In the past, bridal showers were also intended to establish the woman's role as homemaker and traditional housewife. This has gradually been replaced with a pure gift-giving session; sometimes, the husband is even involved in this celebration that was originally reserved just for females.

Usually, the maid of honor plans the bridal shower and sends out the invitation so she should keep some basic tenets in mind. First, the bride-to-be is a princess for a day. Second, send out invitations 2 weeks ahead of time to give everyone time to prepare. Third, don't invite guests to the shower if they're not invited to the wedding, for obvious reasons. Fourth, plan to have the shower in the afternoon. Fifth, use board games and other games to help the guests get to know each other. Sixth, don't pressure the guests into giving expensive gifts if they can't afford them. Cheap gifts can be just as good and functional. Include a list of inexpensive items on the registry for cash-strapped bridal shower guests. Seventh, choose a few good movies that all the girls will love to watch. These are especially fun at the end of the night after a few bottles of wine or champagne.

The bridal shower invitations shouldn't be too fancy or else the guests will think they have to dress up and bring expensive gifts and such. Make sure that the invitations are fun, yet classy. Don't use overpriced cards because it will send the wrong impression right off the bat. Make the bride's bridal shower a time of shared memories and future hopes. Don't let anything blur that beautiful dream.

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