Who Loves Money Review - Who Loves Money A Scam?

by David Sodergren - Date: 2007-04-11 - Word Count: 393 Share This!

How many times have you... Heard some new eBook that is going to help you earn thousands of dollars online?

The new who loves money ebook, written by the founders of the wealthy affiliate Kyle & Carson claims they can do just that. With zero investment! It must be a scam.. Or is it?

In this article you will be given a sneak peak into the new ebook you've heard so much about.

The Authors Kyle & Carson

The authors of who loves money are Kyle & Carson over at wealthy affiliate. They have written two ebooks in the past. BeatingAdwords & InsideTheList. The two books covers Google adwords & Marketing with an autoresponder.


Kyle is a cofounder of WealthyAffiliate & Niche Marketing Inc. Kyle was born on July 21st 1981 in Victoria British Columbia, Canada. Kyle started Internet marketing back in the beginning of 2003 when he was attending college for computers, in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

Kyle is a true believer that educating yourself will increase your "earning potential".


Carson is also a cofounder of WealthyAffiliate & Niche Marketing Inc. Carson was born on January 2nd 1981 in Victoria British Columbia, Canada.

Carsons goal is to create the absolute BEST Internet Marketing community, and change the way that people learn about online business. Until now, Internet Marketing has been a very solo, and personal thing as one doesn't want to give away their "secrets". Carsons Philosophy is that by sharing your knowledge with others, they will share back, and all involved will grow at a much faster rate.

Who Loves Money Review

Kyle & Carson have spent nearly 8 months writing this ebook.

The reason why the book took so long to write is simple. They wanted everything to be perfect. In my eyes who loves money has a lot to live up to.

They claim to be able to:

# Show how they earned $60 / Minute With A single Niche Market.

# How to determine which keywords sell.

# Niche Hunting Exposed - How they do it.

# An In-depth look at Clickbank.

# Penny Pincher Traffic techniques.

# Kyle & Carson's Slow Roller Technique.

Most of the techniques learned in this book can be implemented for free. You don't need any capital to get going. This is done by various techniques as bum marketing and article marketing.

They have added some of their own twist to these proven techniques.

The bottom line in this ebook is to make marketers even better marketers so the can get ahead of the pack.

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You have read some of the techniques you will learn in The Who loves Money eBook.

Scam or not that is something for the future to decide.


Would you like to learn more of Who Loves Money? Visit my blog to learn more of WLM, BeatingAdwords, InsideTheList & WealthyAffiliate.


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