The Perfect Christmas Gift

by Mike Walker - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 440 Share This!

What is the Christmas all about? Many would have us believe that Christmas is about getting gifts and giving them out. You go out spend gobs of money to the point that you worry about being able to pay off bills and you get excited about what people are going to get for you. Wow! That doesn't sound like such a great thing. With so much focus on buying and receiving, it's a wonder that so many people take part in the chaos. Perhaps there should be more to getting someone a Christmas gift.

Today's Christmas Story

Well, let's see. Last year I got a Christmas gift from Clint, Michael, and Judy for Christmas. Oh and Abby gave me a gift for my birthday. So, I guess I better get her something. Oh no. I forgot Nadia got me a little Christmas gift too. I wish she hadn't bought me anything, because I suppose I'll have to find her something now. Oh yeah, and I think I overheard Laura saying she was getting everyone something. That's one more Christmas gift to the list.

Many people find themselves caught in situations like this. Where they may have wanted to buy a Christmas gift for one or two people, they suddenly feel obligated to get a Christmas gift for everyone that has given them something or that they think might get them something. Sounds fair, but if that's the only reason you are giving Christmas gifts, than it can't be out of love. When a gift isn't given out of love, it loses all meaning. Unfortunately, so many people now buy Christmas gifts in this way and it makes Christmas seem a little fake.

If you find yourself hating the idea of getting stuck in the crowds at the mall and fighting over silly Christmas gifts, you're not alone. Christmas gift buying doesn't have to be so miserable, though. Perhaps you can decide to buy gifts for people because you want to show them love, rather than to show them that you are fair.

Try not to feel obligated this Christmas when it comes to Christmas gift buying. Think of who you want to show love to and find things that will express that love.

It always feels good to give a Christmas gift to someone who wasn't expecting it.

When there is no obligation involved, you don't hate gift buying process as much. So before you run out to get a Christmas gift for each of the people on your long list, think about each of the people on that list.

Think about why you are getting them a Christmas gift and let love guide you rather than obligation.

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