Complicated Boyfriends And Girlfriends

by Delta Fi - Date: 2008-11-07 - Word Count: 262 Share This!

Men say women are complicated, women say men are complicated. I say, humans are complicated.

Complicated or not, it is always good to be good with those who we misunderstand because complication is no more but misunderstanding.

We understand what we know and we misunderstand what we don't. It's that simple, yet complicated enough to for us to have discussions, fights, breakups and even a divorce.

One of the easiest ways to reduce misunderstanding and complication is by simply understanding the reason of why they react the way the do. Opening our eyes to the real person instead of the viewing them with our own perspective is definitely one of the most effective ways to have better understanding and less complication in any relationship.

No body has ever had a perfect relationship for the reason being that the perfect person does not exist.

If it did, you can be sure that this "perfect person" might have second thought's about being in a romantic relationship with you, because he/she might demand perfection as well. And perfection is something that nobody is capable of offering.

This is because perfection means flawlessness. It stands for being 100% correct 100% of the time. It means to never loose and to always win, never make mistakes and always be great.

The perfect relationship means: no lies, no fighting, no discussions, no ex boyfriend/girlfriend, etc and all this means nobody.

The perfect person is no more but our own imaginary friend who we wish to meet in real life one day. A more acceptable term for the perfect person can be the "correct" or "right" person.

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