How is Tap Water Tested for Contamination?

by Bob Goodhand - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

Have you ever sat and wondered exactly how is tap water tested for contamination?  What you really should be worried about is not how it is being tested, but who is conducting these tests and if your drinking water is actually being tested at all.  Then there is the question of if the water is being tested how accurate the reported results are.

I say that because there have been numerous reports over the last few years of fraudulent reporting by the staff of the water treatment facilities.  What is actually happening is that these treatment facilities have very little control over what is being passed on to us through our water supply, but they still have to be able to meet certain EPA standards.

So it's not a question of how is tap water tested for contamination, but rather how much contamination is actually present.  The problem is that the hands of the treatment facilities are really tied by the fact that the equipment they are using is woefully outdated, and it is incapable of preventing any level of chemical and biological contaminants into our homes.

The problem with the equipment they are using is that it was designed for a time before we had filled our reservoirs with deadly chemicals.  The system was basically designed to demineralize the water, and is in need of major upgrades in order to be effective at preventing today's pollutants from reaching our taps.

Unfortunately it doesn't even matter how is tap water tested for contamination, because the EPA has defined "safe" limits for contaminants in our drinking water.  I point this out because to me it is a problem.  In my mind there is no safe level of contamination in our drinking water.

The whole idea of having allowable limits of chemicals that are known to cause cancer in human beings is absurd.  Besides chlorine, which is the biggest culprit in the alarming rise in cases of cancer over the last century, there are over 2,000 other known carcinogens in our water supply.  How can consuming any measure of these chemicals be considered safe?

If you really want to know how is tap water tested for contamination then what I advise you to do is purchase a professional grade testing kit, which comes with a series of marked vessels that contain various reactive chemicals for each different contaminant strain in the water, and conduct your own series of tests.

Then compare the results with your local treatment facility's annual report on contaminant levels in your drinking water.  I would be willing to bet that you will find enough discrepancies to warrant the immediate purchase of a home drinking water purification system.  You honestly need one of those no matter if there were wide discrepancies in the test results or not.

The answer to the question how is tap water tested for contamination is moot to be honest with you.  At no matter what level the contaminants are there, you must protect the health of your family from them.

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