You Don't Need More Sales Training

by Dan Light - Date: 2006-12-04 - Word Count: 624 Share This!

Fewer than 15% of the people entering the insurance, financial planning, or real estate industries will last longer than 3 years, according to industry experts. Of those that make it past the 3 year mark, 20% will barely hang on and 20% will be the top producers. So what about the 60% that want to move closer to the top 20% and keep themselves out of the bottom 20%? Will more sales training be the solution to your quest for greater success? Well if you can answer yes to these 5 questions more sales training isn't what you need.

1. Am I able to secure and hold appointments with suspects?
2. When I identify a suspect as a prospect am I able to move the prospect through my sales cycle?
3. Do I know what to do and say to obtain a sale with a prospect?
4. Do I know how to do what I need to do to obtain a sale with a prospect?
5. Do I have enough knowledge in my area of expertise to answer most questions that prospects have?

You've probably had all the sales and knowledge training.

Have you noticed that those in the 60% club have been in the business for years? If "old Timers" can't break out of the 60% club in spite of their experience and knowledge, can you? Do those in the upper 20% just seem to have star power that you don't have?

What does the top 20% in your industry know that you don't? What do they do that you don't do? What skills do they have that you don't have? What are these elusive things that enable them to work less than you do yet earn more than you do? Why do clients seek them out and walk past you like you're chopped liver? Why are people attracted to them and want to be associated with them? Let's look at 3 of their top income producing secrets!

Secret #1 People aren't born with star power they develop it. In a relational business whether you call it star power or charisma it's a skill that can be develop. People who are charismatic are that way because they have developed the behavior of making other people feel important.

You make other people feel important by asking questions about them, truly listening to them, and by empathizing with their needs and concerns. Unfortunately we are often too busy thinking about what we need to do to get the results we want to focus on the other person.

Secret # 2 Everyone you meet is a potential prospect. While this statement in and of itself may be true, it is a guaranteed recipe for working harder with fewer rewards. When you are determined to hold steadfast to the position that you can sell to everyone, you look like everyone else in your industry and you stand out to no one! Focus helps you to become somebody that other people want to work with.

Secret # 3 Those in the top 20% club don't sell, they just help their clients buy. If you have a canned presentation and stick to the script you're just hoping the prospect will follow at the same pace. Arm wrestling and speeding do not develop relationships let alone relationships that puts more money in your bank account.

So, you really don't need more sales training but you do need to learn and follow the 3 secrets. You have the knowledge and skills to be in the top 20% club. You now need to learn, develop, and implement the secrets practiced by the most successful people in your industry. Become charismatic through your genuine interest and concern for others. Be the red jacket in a crowd of gray suits. And most importantly stop selling and start helping people buy.

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