A42MX24-2PQ208 Actel FPGA

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A42MX24-2PQ208 Actel FPGA

A42MX24-2PQ208 is an FPGA manufactured by Actel Corporation. It belongs to the MX family of FPGA. Its package type is a plastic quad flip pack and it has more than 36,000 system gates. The speed grade of A42MX24-2PQ208 is almost 25% more than the standard speed grade. It is available in Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Military versions. They have varying temperature ranges such as Commercial -0 to +70°C; Industrial --40 to +85°C; Military --55 to +125°C; and Automotive --40 to +125°C.

A42MX24-2PQ208's specification is as follows; System Gates - 36,000; Logic Modules; Sequential - 954, Combinatorial - 912, Decode - 24, Clock-to-Out - 6.1 ns, Dedicated Flip-Flops - 954, Maximum Flip-Flops -1410, Clocks - 2, User I/O (maximum) - 176. The External System Performance - 100MHz, Internal System Performance -250MHz, Embedded SRAM - 2.5k.

The device has MultiPlex I/Os, which support mixed-voltage systems, enable programmable PCI, deliver high-performance operation at both 5.0V and 3.3V, and provide a low power mode. The devices are fully compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification. The PCI-compliant output drivers are enabled by programming the chip-wide PCI fuse. The device has the D-modules that are arranged around the periphery of the device and enables the device to perform wide decode functions at speeds comparable to CPLDs and PALs. It includes system-level features such as IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG) Boundary Scan Testing and fast wide-decode modules.

The A42MX24-2PQ208 devices are used in fields such as for telecommunications, networking, and DSP. It ensures nearly 100% resource utilization and 100% pin fixing. During power-up and power-down all the device's tri-state outputs go into the tri-state mode. A42MX24-2PQ208 offers full operation of the device within 100 ms of start of power-up.

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