Popular Buddhist Pilgrimage Spots In India And Nepal

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Buddhism is one of the most popular religions in the world and was originated in India. Therefore, Buddhist from all around the world visits India for pilgrimage. Some of the pilgrimage spots are also located in Nepal. So, come and visit all these spots. Let us know about the popular Buddhist spots starting from his birth to enlightenment and death.

Lumbini -Birth Place of the Buddha
Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha. Lumbini is located in the foothills of Himalaya in Nepal. This is one of the most visited places by the Buddhist. There are many temples, Buddhist shrines and pagodas in Nepal. Some of the prominent among them are Maya Devi Temple, Puskarni, Buddhist Temple, Japan peace stupa, etc. visit Lumbini and understand about religion deeply and precisely.

Bodh Gaya -Place of enlightenment
Bodh Gaya is religious place situated in Bihar. It is famous as Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodh Gaya under the Bodhi-Tree. Bodh Gaya is most important and scared pilgrimage spot for the Buddhist. It is also an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mahabodhi Temple is the main attraction of the place. The throe of the temple is studded with diamond. Tourist can easily visit Gaya as the international airport is located at a distance of 5 km from Bodh Gaya.

Sarnath -The place of first sermon
Sarnath is located at 13 km from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that after getting enlightenment at Bodh Gaya visited Sarnath for preaching his first discourse, Dharma. It is one of the main pilgrimages for Buddhists. Buddha delivered his first sermon here about the life and religion. The celebrated Mantra, 'Buddham Sharanam Gachhami' owes its origin to Sarnath. There are many Buddhist monuments and edifices in Sarnath. Dhamekha stupa, the Chaukhandi stupa and monasteries and temples of different schools of Buddhism from Japan, China, Thailand, Burma and others are the popular attractions for the tourists on India Buddhist Tours. Tourists love to explore these revered attractions of the holy place.

Kushinagar -Death Place of Buddha
Kushinagar is a small town located in Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Lord Buddha died here and is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. It is the place of Mahaparinrvana. There are many stupas and Buddhist temples in Kushinagar.

These are popular spots for Buddhist Tourism in India and Nepal. Select one of the appropriate Nepal India Tour Packages and explore the all above mentioned places. Visiting these places will let you know your religion more truly and deeply.

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