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Immigration forums are great resources to communicate and share ideas on various immigration issues. These discussion forums are good beginning points to gather information on immigration. An immigration forum provides various categories for discussion on visas, green card, citizenship and other countries immigration information.

Immigration visas are divided into two types: 1)Nonimmigrant visas 2)Immigrant visas

Nonimmigrant visas (Temporary visas) contain visitor visa, student visa, work visa and family visa. Immigrant visas (Permanent residence) include green card, I 140, I 485, adjustment of status through consular processing, labor certification and so on.

Visitor visas B1, B2 for business visitors, Tourists. Student visa (F1) is flexible for foreign nationals who have been accepted by U.S. colleges or universities. Work visas include h1b-temporary work permit, L1-Intracompany transferee visas, E1-Treaty trader, E2-Treaty investor and so on. Family visa include K and V (fiancee visa and spousal visa).Immigrant visas grant permanent resident status Green Card which allows foreign nationals to permanently reside, work and travel in the U.S., as well as to freely travel in and out of the U.S.

Immigration forums provide different categories for the people to discuss on these visas. Anyone can get information on Canada immigration, Australia immigration, UK immigration, New Zealand immigration and other countries immigration issues in different immigration forums.

Members can get latest news updates and announcements on immigration. Intended people can take advantage to post valuable questions related to immigration and get good answers from the registered members around the world.

Detailed information on US immigration visas can be obtained from , it also provides various categories like Nonimmigrant visas, Immigrant visas, Citizenship, Canada immigration, UK immigration, Australia immigration and more for discussion.

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